The Summit will bring together 500 independent news leaders, supporters, vendors, and funders for three days of keynotes, sessions, and networking opportunities.

This event is hosted by LION Publishers, a journalism-support association that aims to strengthen the local news industry by empowering independent news publishers to build more sustainable businesses.

In conjunction with the Summit, we'll also host the sixth annual LION Sustainability Awards, celebrating dozens of winners across 10 categories with recognition and cash prizes. The LION Awards Ceremony & Dinner will be held on the evening of September 5, after the first day of the Summit. Tickets to the Summit and LION Awards are sold separately.


This event will gather independent news publishers, industry experts, and supporters of independent news to share expert knowledge, hard-won lessons, and actionable advice on running a news business while being in community with people who care deeply about strengthening the local news ecosystem.


  • Keynotes from industry leaders
  • Dozens of sessions on financial health, operational resilience, and journalistic impact — LION’s pillars of sustainability
  • Facilitated networking opportunities
  • The sixth annual LION Sustainability Awards Ceremony & Dinner on the evening of September 5
  • More to be added soon!

Past Participant Experience

Here's a snapshot of what people said after attending our 2022 Summit in Austin, TX. And as of June 26, here's who is signed up to attend the Summit.

"I am a novice in the field, and it was lonely until I met others at the conference. Everyone was amazing, warm, welcoming, and encouraging."

Melina Olmo
Cultura Diplomática

"I loved that there were so many people and orgs at the same level as ours. It didn't feel like it only catered to big organizations."

Valerie Osier

"I love these people. I reconnected with old friends and met so many wonderful new ones."

David Yoder
Richland Source

"I have been stubbornly focused on content, and this conference finally got through to me how imperative a solid financial base is for doing the journalism I am so committed to."

Meg McGuire
Delaware Currents

"The presentations were full of valuable information, and everyone I talked to after their sessions was willing to answer questions and share their knowledge and experience with us. We are very excited to implement some of those ideas immediately to make our news organization as successful as theirs."

Hilda Gurdian
La Noticia